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Zero Skateboards. Everyone has to start somewhere. For Jamie Thomas, it was with Zero. Ever since its founding in 1996 by The Chief himself, Zero has been at the forefront of skating with their wicked collection of decks, wheels, and completes. Based out of Black Box Distribution in Carlsbad, California, Zero has become a full-blown skate brand revered for their commitment to skaters across the country. Zero is keeping it simple in an age of over-blown tech and hardware. Zero completes are instead backed up by rock solid durability and classic construction techniques, making them the go-to decks for any skaters looking to solidify their skills. Zero may seem like a name with low marks, but their team of riders is anything but. Repped by the likes of Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, James Brockman, Keegan Sauder, Garrett Hill, John Rattray, Elissa Steamer, Ben Gilley, Tony Cervantes, Sheldon Meleshinski, and Jamie Tancowny, the Zero team has reaped awards left and right for their trick-smashing video parts. Recognized across the industry for their solid decks, a sick team of riders, and their uncompromising commitment to skaters across the country, Zero is a brand that’s paving the way for the future of skateboarding.