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Vox Footwear

Vox skate shoes isn’t your mom’s shoe company. No frills, no filler – just some good shoes to skateboard in. Vox shoes are for skaters, musicians or people looking for a great shoe with fresh style. Using tried and true classic stylings with updated features designed specifically for today’s high impact skateboarding, Vox footwear is the skateboarder’s choice in footwear. Vox footwear fuses skate, music and street lifestyles within their design. With an all star team consisting of Dan Drehobl, Justin Strubing, Peter Hewitt, Ricky Oyola, JT Aultz, and Darren Navarrette to name a few, Vox skate shoes continue to progress further. Vox footwear also endorses the Dreamland project, in which Vox shoes helps promote the construction of public skateparks around the US. Promoting skateboarding and the skate lifestyle, Vox Footwear continues forward with fresh new designs, limited edition Vox shoes, and Vox pro model shoes. With a keen ear to the streets and a heart in the skate industry, Vox Footwear knows what skaters want and demand. Quality, craftsmanship and functionality is what drives Vox skate shoes. Vox Footwear – THIS IS YOUR VOICE!