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Ukala Sydney Kids

Ukala Kids™ by EMU Australia is a premiere children’s fashion line that’s taking the international markets by storm with its fun and playful collection of boots and slippers. The company takes its inspiration from the beautiful urban and coastal landscapes of Sydney, Australia, crafting only the finest boots that are perfect for the young trendsetters. Ukala Kids takes pride in their commitment to high-end products. From double-stitched seams to enforced heel cups, the boots and slippers are for the energetic kid who loves to play around. The products feature some of the most lavish materials such as high-quality uppers and plush Micron20™ Australian Merino wool. The lining is made with kid’s feet in mind and changes according to the season for a comfortable, climate-controlled foot. Kids can run around all day thanks to Ukala's reinforced EVA sole, which is lightweight, and perfect for outdoor activity. This boot is ready for the active kid who loves to look cool. Kids love to wear the latest fashions and they love to play around in comfortable footwear that’s going to last. With Ukala Kids by EMU Australia, those two lifestyles blend together to form the perfect boot that’s ready for the first day of school.