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You've never thought about "trash can" and "quality of life" at the same time before, have you? simplehuman® will show you how well they go together. We'd all like to spend less of our time and energy on housework. simplehuman is all about attention to detail - from their fingerprint-proof stainless steel sink caddies to their rugged, durable polypropylene recycling bins. simplehuman's elegant, quality products will improve your life - whether you live in a five-bedroom house or an efficiency apartment. simplehuman designs everyday tools to help people become more efficient. They've put many years of research, design and engineering into making their products as efficient and durable as possible - like the pedal on their trash can that's engineered to last over 150,000 steps, and their custom fit trash liners that are double seamed for extra strength. You'll wonder how it's possible to love a trash can that much. simplehuman transformed the trash can with the introduction of the stainless steel "butterfly" step can in 2000. Today, they offer a range of more than 100 products. All simplehuman products are designed to be ergonomic, easy-to-clean and durable - made with the highest quality materials and backed by a warranty. The company has received numerous design awards and was named one of the top corporations for Industrial Design Excellence in 2004 by BusinessWeek/IDSA. simplehuman. Come see what they have to offer.