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Simple® living is a thing of the past. Bigger, better, and faster have taken the wheel and spun us out of control! The human population has been melting glaciers, banishing bee colonies and devolving the human race into a rat race that uses a devolving mantra of GIMME GIMME GIMME. When is enough really enough? When can we tweak the definition of wealth and accumulate some positive karma? Can't we just trade down for once? What's the solution to this mess? It's Simple. It starts with Who They Are! With all the over-built, over-hyped products out there, it's pretty hard to find sustainable shoes that you can live with. So they started Simple, your stereotypical, anti-stereotype brand offering good shoes and a big dose of reality. About a gazillion pairs later ... give or take a few ... they've managed to learn a few things. Well, actually a lot of things. And none more important than this: HOW they make their shoes is just as important as WHY they make them. That means finding more sustainable ways of doing business so they can make a gazillion more! Which pretty much is where they are today ... at the crossroads of here and now, aware of their responsibility to the planet while trying to pay the bills; the nice little shoe company getting in touch with its inner hippie Their Process. Sometimes, the progress is notable while at other times the improvements are harder to come by. The important thing is Simple is committed to making 100% sustainable products. Finding materials and processes that make products sustainable is a method they call Green Toe. It isn't a magic formula, or a cure. It's a compass that points to a bright green future. Progress in Green Toe is measured with a scale called "good, better, best." The best category represents Simple's most sustainable shoes and bags and sets the bar for the rest of the line. Moving forward, these same innovative materials and constructions will be found in the good and better categories, raising the bar for the best products. Pretty nifty, huh? If you're ready to take a stand against the shenanigans of excess, then Simple has a new equation to live by: Less is More. Keep it real. Keep it Simple®. Simple Brand FAQs