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Rusty apparel produces fashion forward product that is authentic to the boardsport culture. Recognized by many athletes and beach enthusiasts, Rusty has established itself deep within the surf, snow, skate, and wake cultures to become a household name. Founded on the innovation of the Rusty Surfboard, Rusty apparel continues to build high quality designs for the active youth market of today. Rusty is endorsed by various world class athletes such as Kalani Robb, Jamie O’Brien, Nate Yeomons, Flea, Derek Ho, Mike Schwenne, Sean O’Brien, and Kawika Stillwell to name a few. What started as Rusty Surfboards has now become a globally recognized brand. Rusty apparel now offers Rusty boardshorts, Rusty hoodies, Rusty rashguards, Rusty shirts, Rusty pants, Rusty shorts, Rusty jackets, Rusty swimsuits and Rusty dresses and skirts. This full offering from Rusty apparel combines music, art, and fashion with inspiration drawn from the surf and beach culture. Rusty has been around for over 30 years, and will continue to push the envelope on surf design and apparel. The signature R logo is a staple within the roots of the Rusty brand. Globally recognized and locally respected, Rusty continues to dominate the surf industry offering fashion forward, quality and technical Rusty apparel for men and women.