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Since 1888, Rösle® has been using German engineering to produce the finest in quality cooking tools and kitchen utensils for the professional chef and home cook. Specially designed for optimum performance, comfort, and appearance, Rösle cookware offers a full line of kitchen utensils, cookware tools, colanders, casseroles, frying pans, skillets, barbecue utensils, barware, and more. Crafted from the highest grade 18/10 stainless steel, Rösle brings the pleasure of food preparation right to your home. Rösle strives to bring enjoyment to the consumer with their quality cookware. That's why even their kitchen ladles have to pass no less than ten production stages from initial raw material to the finished product before you are serving up soup with it in the comfort of your own home. Ease and ergonomic utility are also top priority with Rösle. You can find this in something as simple as their garlic press which can crush unpeeled garlic cloves with a single press. It is with this attention to detail and humble commitment to their customers that Rösle has been presented with numerous prestigious international awards for design. Being attentive to the demands of the consumer, Rösle has created cook's tools that meet the needs of the everyday cook. With innovations such as the Onion and Vegetable Chopper, or the Locking Tongs, Rösle has shown their commitment to their customers and their needs. When finely crafted and durable cookware is your need, look to a company that has been around for over 100 years. Look for Rösle cook's tools.