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Radcliffe Denim

Suzy Radcliffe, founder and Creative Director of Radcliffe, was first drawn into premium denim at the start of the phenomenon. As a Londoner, from outside of the fashion industry, her point-of-view diverged from the trends she saw emerging from denim markets like Los Angeles. Her desire was to create a denim collection that responded to her city and to the women who live, work, and play there. A collection that welcomes the demands of an international city, as well as life just outside its epicenter. A collection tailored to traversing this diversity. A collection that fluidly combined luxury with everyday wearability. One that was appropriate at the office, but also sexy enough for the evening. One that was understated. One that was quintessentially London. To realize her vision, Suzy brought together a specialist in denim design and development, a Savile Row trained pattern maker, and an open and inventive design process. A collection emerged with smart, functional details, no unnecessary embellishments, and executed from the foundation of bespoke tailoring standards from London´s legendary Savile Row. Radcliffe´s expanded concept of fit, function and attention to innovative details, responds directly to what women want, with cleaner lines, smarter cuts — entirely feminine. As the collections evolve, Radcliffe continues to combine everyday wearability and an understated luxury, for every garment, in every collection. Drawing inspiration from outside the traditional fashion vocabularies, it is a collection crafted with techniques borrowed from the leading cutting and pattern tables of London, with a formal and functional rigor driving the design of every garment. Collections anticipate and respond with a deep understanding of how women want their clothes to fit and complement their shape. Radcliff´s thoroughly modern collections are decidedly urbane, as adaptable as the woman who wears them, and designed for relevance well beyond seasonal fashion trends.