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Ports 1961

Fiona Cibani, as the Creative Director of Ports 1961, extends her influence into all aspects of one of the most current fashion houses in the world today. Growing up in the multi-cultural mosaic that is Vancouver, Canada, Fiona developed an interest in fashion design as a child helping her father run the family boutique. From a very young age, Fiona developed an instinctive appreciation of fine fabrics, silhouettes and a keen eye for detail. Ports International, the Canadian fashion house started by Luke Tanabe in 1961, was the foundation upon which Ports 1961 was built. Fiona, together with sister Tia Cibani, became the driving force behind the transformation of this fashion house intent on building the global presence of Ports 1961. Fiona began her tenure at Ports International under the then-head design team of Dean and Dan Caten, of DSquared. Fiona immersed herself in the culture of design, draping and fabrication. With the departure of Dean and Dan, Fiona and Tia took the helm as Creative Directors at Ports. The sisters seized the moment to address a new generation of independent minded women, defining their own style. Driven by the new era's global approach, Ports 1961 evolved to meet the ever changing needs of affluent modern day women that intend to live life their way, without borders. As a result, Ports 1961 quickly caught the attention of luxury retailers worldwide. In 2006, Ports 1961 debuted it's first collection at New York Fashion Week. As Creative Director, Fiona continues to direct the creative process from the company's headquarters in NYC, shaping the collection at every level.