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Polar USA

Polar is dedicated to providing everybody involved in physical activity with the personal fitness solution to help them achieve their improvement goals. Polar strives to remain the benchmark that people look to for innovation and quality when looking for the most effective method of exercising. Heart rate monitoring is only part of what Polar does. Information and personal guidance is what Polar aims to deliver to its customers. Founding Polar Electro Oy in 1977, Professor Seppo Säynäjäkangas pioneered the development of wireless heart rate measurement, launching the world's first chest strap transmitter and wrist based receiver in 1982. In 1993, Polar was first to identify how the variability in timing between heartbeats correlates with exercise intensity and recovery and subsequently developed many unique features to provide instant feedback on current fitness level, optimal training intensity, state of relaxation and recovery. Polar's comprehensive product range offers solutions for all people whether the goal is rehabilitation, weight management, to improve health and fitness or compete at championship level.