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Peter Kaiser

All about Peter Kaiser™ In 1838‚ Peter Kaiser founded a shoemaker’s workshop in the Rhineland Palatinate town of Pirmasens - Europe’s oldest existing shoe manufacturer. Only five years later, in 1843, the entrepreneur was exporting shoes within Europe and further abroad. In so doing, he laid the foundation for one of the first industrial shoe manufacturing businesses of international significance. This success, today as in the past, is due to an ideal match between innovative ideas and perfect craftsmanship, and ensures that Peter Kaiser shoes, boots and sandals are enjoyed the world over. To this day, the majority of Peter Kaiser designs are still manufactured wholly in Germany. Seven hundred fifty employees make a million pairs of high-caliber elegant women’s shoes, boots, and sandals every year in a modern industrial company still on the original site in Pirmasens. In addition, the collection team develops a main collection as well as additions to the current collections with around 200 shoe models in total every season. For Peter Kaiser, quality begins with the careful selection of all the finished materials. Thus, each leather upper is individually examined by our experts for texture, strength, blemishes (e.g. thorn damage, etc.), even strength and dye. Testing the leather for its wear resistance and pollutants goes without saying. The result is that only the best leather goes forward to production, with the most heavily used parts of a shoe – the upper shaft and lining – being expertly pressed from the best part of the leather, the core of the leather. All the other materials used, from functional fabrics through to adhesives and to heels, are examined carefully against a variety of criteria – for example, practicality, use, wear resistance and pollutants. The lasts are also thoroughly checked for their suitability prior to production. In addition, a sample shoe is manufactured from every last and is matched against a number of parameters for ultimate comfort. Potential changes are undertaken on a new last which is then used in series production. Peter Kaiser footwear embodies classic silhouettes and high-quality leathers. All Peter Kaiser styles – shoes, pumps, wedges, flats, sandals and boots are known for high production quality, a precise fit, superior materials and a fashionable women’s appeal - this sums up the entire Peter Kaiser outlook and worldwide image. Peter Kaiser – “Jewelry for your legs!”