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Paula Dorf

Paula Dorf; "Become your own makeup artist." Paula Dorf, the mastermind behind Paula Dorf Cosmetics, brilliantly created a line of professional makeup brushes while working as the key makeup artist for music powerhouses. Once on set, Paula quickly realized that the typical heavy foundation was no match for the heavier stage lights. She walked over to a local art supply store and found the inspiration for her future enterprise. Paula Dorf began cutting up high-quality paint brushes and using them to apply foundation to her client's skin with a maestros hand. This began the widely copied technique of using brushes to apply foundation for flawless and natural coverage. This early foray as a leader of cutting-edge foundation application allowed her to create her own line of custom Paula Dorf brushes that were quickly snatched up by other makeup artists who were hoping to re-create flawless coverage for their own clients. While working on this instrumental brush collection, she also created a basic color line with eye shadows, creams and powder blushes, along with vibrant lip colors. Her creations proved to be easy to use and complementary to a variety of skin tones. Paula Dorf foundations, primers and concealers create the perfect canvas for color. With the right tools for precise application and a collection of flattering colors, Paula Dorf makeup is all about accentuating your natural beauty and highlighting your best features. Today, Paula has led the beauty industry by fashioning a mainstay of easy to apply makeup colors, products and trick tools that are embraced by celebrities, fashionistas, beauty authorities and most importantly, everyday makeup lovers who flock to Paula Dorf Cosmetics nationwide to pick up the latest must-have item.