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Oscar de la Renta

"I have always felt my role as a designer is to do the very best I can for a woman to make her look her best. Fashion is only fashion once a woman puts it on." - Oscar de la Renta. Oscar de la Renta launched his first scent, OSCAR, in 1977. He had always dreamed of creating a perfume that in one drop captured all the joyous sophistication of his fashions. With its iconic bottle and uniquely feminine scent, OSCAR continues to be a bestseller in over 70 countries. Today, the Oscar de la Renta fragrance collection includes an alluring assortment of scents for both men and women. In addition to his elegant eau de toilettes and perfumes, Oscar de la Renta passionately produces an alluring assortment of soaps, body baths, dusting powders, deodorants and body lotions to nourish your skin with a beautiful bouquet of refined elegance. Oscar de la Renta has a handsome heritage as one of the leading design houses in the world. The company has been inspired by great talent and continues to captivate admirers with the timeless beauty that is Oscar de la Renta.