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When Jeff Pink founded ORLY® in 1975, he was motivated by a simple idea: To innovate natural nail care. By creating leading-edge products and tools designed not only to beautify, but to respond to the needs of salon professionals, Pink redefined nail care and nail fashion. For over 33 years, in over 66 countries, ORLY nail care products have been the manicurist's choice for nail strength, adhesion, wearability, dry time and shine. ORLY just isn't found in professional salons, though. Thanks to their innovative at-home gel manicure system, you can achieve a salon-quality gel manicure for a fraction of the price you pay at a salon. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete a SmartGels™ manicure, leaving you to enjoy high-shine, chip-free nails for up to three weeks. ORLY SmartGels offer 12 long-wearing gel colors that match their best-selling lacquer shades. So the next time you want to get a gel manicure, think about this of this: Would you rather schedule an appointment and drive to a salon or would you rather be catching up on your favorite TV show at home while achieving the same professional results? With ORLY SmartGels, you can now choose the latter!