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NVEY ECO Organic Makeup seamlessly combines luxury and nature to create one of the most beautiful, award-winning organic makeup brands in the world. NVEY ECO is created through exclusive Bio Organic formulas and methods, using a harmony of carefully selected plant and mineral ingredients, blended with natural botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants to make a pure, gentle and highly effective makeup solution. Makeup is more than just color, at NVEY ECO, it is a philosophy of harmony through the interaction of nature and creativity to deliver organic cosmetics that nourish, protect, condition and energize your skin, while delivering exciting color for a naturally glamorous radiance. NVEY ECO Cosmetics stands out because it was not created by market experts or research teams trying to capitalize on the current green trend, but rather, it is based on the purity, authenticity, honesty and efficacy of their products. NVEY has a rich cosmetics history with over 60 years in the industry, from their home base in Australia. For over five years, NVEY ECO has carefully and painstakingly extracted its ingredients directly and solely from nature. NVEY ECO cosmetics are certified organic by the Australian Government as well as the Organic Food Chain (OFC). There is no alternative and nothing pseudo-natural or pseudo-organic about NVEY ECO. They don’t just use the terms natural, organic, or certified organic, they prove it. NVEY ECO foundations, eyeshadows, powders, lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes all contain the purest ingredients harnessed from nature. There's NO Talc, NO Parabens, NO Chemical Preservatives, NO SLS derivatives, NO Propylene Glycol or derivatives, NO Genetically Modified Crops, NO Animal Testing, NO Petroleum-based ingredients, NO PVP, NO Nanotechnology-based ingredients, NO Micronization technology. NVEY ECO Cosmetics isn't just another brand of mineral makeup, all their effective cosmetic products are plant-based and certified organic - PURE ORGANIC MAKEUP ARTISTRY.