- интернет-магазин брендов из США в Украине


Perhaps it's no coincidence that "nunu" translates to "pretty girl" in Mandarin. After all, any woman is sure to look even more attractive in Nunu Designs, created by Natalie Lu. The Addison, Texas-based designer is best known for her simple, delicate creations in gold vermeil and silver, each bedecked with an array of vibrant semiprecious gemstones. Consisting of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, the entire collection is finished in the United States. Although Nunu Designs officially launched in 2002, jewelry design and production is nothing new to Lu. Her family has long been involved in the industry. Nunu Designs collection is seasonally inspired, often incorporating elements from current fashion trends and nature, as well as Lu's extensive travels. She describes her aesthetic as "simple, elegant and timeless" - adjectives that resonate particularly in this economy, as clients prefer to purchase jewelry that they can wear year after year. Always well-made and well-priced, NuNu Designs jewelry is a must for transforming casual ensembles into elegant works of art. Each piece is as spectacular as it is versatile. So take a look in the mirror. Are you missing anything special? The answer is, of course, a piece of jewelry from NuNu Designs!