- интернет-магазин брендов из США в Украине


Mountain Safety Research® (MSR®) started as a one-man crusade in the 1960's to call attention to the safety and quality of climbing equipment. Today, MSR® is a diverse, global brand dedicated to developing reliable outdoor products for committed backcountry users. MSR’s® dedication to reliable and well-designed gear has led them to introduce revolutionary new products, improve existing products and even reinvent the old. The result is a line of gear that has set the benchmark for outdoor equipment design. From cooking gear to water treatments, MSR® leads the way with their high quality products. Whether your quest of the moment is thru-hiking, kayaking or exploring a remote region north of Hudson Bay, you can count on MSR® products to see you through trip after trip after trip. MSR® is confident you will appreciate the innovative, high-quality, functional and dependable gear you find here.