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Matt & Nat

In 1995, the founder and creative director of Matt & Nat™, Inder Bedi, was challenged to become a vegetarian for at least 30 days by a Mahatma. It is because of this inspiring challenge that the Matt & Nat handbags were born, a powerful brand that is shaped by choice and duplicity. Matt & Nat products made a choice to never use animal by-products and are true leaders in the environmental movement. This brand not only has a passion for fashion, but they show true compassion for our environment. Each handbag is made of at least one recycled material and uses roughly 21 plastic bottles to recycle in order to make inner linings. Matt & Nat's goal is to exceed what is considered a norm and provide thrilling, cutting edge styles while still being designed and made in a socially responsible way. Matt & Nat's handbag collection was designed with versatile character with a modern twist. The handbags vary in style with beads and metal ornaments for a romantically antique feel. A touch of vintage appeal is brought in with authentic colors and suave grey undertones. This collection of handbags has such flare and can be dressed up or down. Years later, Matt & Nat is continuously working with a fabulous team towards their goal of fashionable, beautiful, and eco-friendly products. They have designed and introduced additional collections not just for women, but also for men. These style are perfect for any season and also introduce new vegan leather materials. There's nothing more beautiful than being eco-friendly, and Matt & Nat is more than just vegan.