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Marchez Vous

In the words of the designer, Yeardley Smith, "At MARCHEZ VOUS YS, the mission is to marry beauty with comfort. It's not brain surgery, it's just common sense. Each pair must meet five standards of quality or it doesn't make the collection. Comfortable: For this we have inserted a ridiculously cushy, heel-to-toe insole in every MARCHEZ VOUS YS creation. We call this MARCHEZ VOUS Comfort. Sexy: Duh. Witty: How can shoes be witty? They're simultaneously playful and sophisticated. They have a distinctive personality and when you slide them on you can't help but giggle with pleasure. Unexpected: I love to re-purpose things. Who says burlap can't be stylish?!?! Timeless: At MARCHEZ VOUS YS we aim to set the trend, rather than follow it. This means that when your daughter or granddaughter or niece finds your MARCHEZ VOUSs in your closet a decade after you bought them, she gleefully claims them as her own. My credo: When you feel you look your best, you're at your best."