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With a hairstylist father and a manicurist mother, it's safe to say that LORAC creator Carol Shaw was born into the beauty business. As a teenager, a makeover at a Beverly Hills salon (a graduation present from her aunt) changed not only her look, but her life as well. "I'll never forget how incredible that makeup artist made me feel. I looked and felt like a star!" says Shaw, who left that day realizing her destiny: To be a makeup artist. Shaw got her start at a posh L.A. salon frequented by some of Hollywood's most famous faces. Eventually she moved to fashion, working with world famous photographers and models, while racking up a slew of magazine cover credits. Her celebrity clientele grew so devoted; Shaw has been known to book-up a year in advance for the Academy Awards. Through the years, Shaw noticed that most of her clients had the same major grievances about skincare and makeup as she did. They complained that too many products irritated their skin, looked and felt artificial, and simply didn't last. So Shaw set out to develop a line of products that met these standards, using the purest and mildest ingredients possible. Three years later, LORAC (which is Carol spelled backwards) was born. The line launched with 10 shades of oil and fragrance-free foundations (which was totally revolutionary back in 1990), and is the perfect example of the natural, effective and easy-to-use products that LORAC would become famous for. Over the next five years LORAC branched out, developing skin-perfecting powders, luminizing lotions, and the gorgeous seasonal color collections designed from the looks that Carol created on her celebrity clients walking down the Red Carpet – these would soon become a signature of the brand! As a brand that puts care before color, but sacrifices neither, LORAC's treatment-based makeup is truly unique. From the plant extracts, emollients, skin rejuvenators, and conditioners they pack in their products, to the stuff left out (oil, fragrance, and other harsh ingredients), every LORAC product fulfills Shaw's dream to design makeup that makes you look gorgeous like the stars do—without appearing as if you're wearing much at all. With skin-savvy formulations that look as good on your face as they do in their bottles, to easy-to-use innovations, like a roll-on blush that stains your cheeks with flushed, natural color, to textures that go on just as pretty with a brush as they do with a fingertip, it's no wonder that LORAC has been a Hollywood favorite for over 15 years. Whether you're walking down the Red Carpet or walking the dog, LORAC makes you look and feel like a star.