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Krups is a statement. A bold declaration to the world that design and function matter. The attention to detail and an eye toward perfection enhance the user experience. And the no-compromise high-end design yields products of performance with no rival. Perfection in performance and quality is achieved through rigorous product testing. Each product has been developed, designed, tested, re-tested and fine-tuned to achieve a level of perfection that is without peer. So that perfectly shaped waffle, that golden slice of toast and that superbly-tasting cup of coffee is the expected result. Every time. The culinary possibilities are endless. Perfectly steamed rice is as easy as 1-2-3 with a Krups rice cooker. And with the precision egg cooker you can prepare soft, medium or hard boiled eggs with confidence. Or brew a delicious latte or espresso like an experienced barista with one of Krups easy-to-use espresso machines. Take your sandwich making skills to the next level with a Krups multi-use Panini machine. The design driven philosophy continues to define the superior functionality and modern appeal of the entire Krups line of premium kitchen appliances including waffle makers, toasters, coffee makers, spice grinders and even draught beer taps. The meticulous and convenient preparation of all things culinary is our mission. And to realize this we accept nothing less than perfection. Krups is passion, precision and perfection.