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Ken Paves

For the past 14 years Ken Paves has remained one of the most sought-after hairstylists in the world. His work has been featured in several of the world´s top fashion publications and is a renowned celebrity hairstylist for the hottest stars on the red carpet. Dubbed by the media as the "hottest hairdresser in Hollywood," Ken has been a regular guest since 2003 on The Oprah Winfrey Show as well as a highly sought-after expert for countless entertainment and fashion programs and publications. Ken recently transformed, to rave reviews, the makeovers for the current season of America's Next Top Model as well as led "Oprah's Great American Haircut" show. He has become an industry favorite for his talent and vision, and his unparalleled dedication to his clients. Ken Paves' bio page for designing the looks for Celine Dion and her cast for her "A New Day" show in Las Vegas, noted that what is so great about Ken, besides his talent, is that he has never lost sight of the fact that he is in the service industry. Industry insiders respect Ken Paves for his unique vision and hairstyles that incorporate innovative, confident and sexy designs. Understanding that hair is not only an accessory to his client, but also an accessory to fashion, Ken´s signature trademark is classic to modern with an impeccable interpretation of personal style. Ken's success and respect as the world's most recognized hairstylist is illustrated by the international success of his line of clip-in hair extensions, Hairdo, a collaboration between Ken and his good friend, mega-star, Jessica Simpson. Branching out into the world of cosmetics and skincare, and of course his own hair care line, Ken Paves created Beauty by Ken Paves. Ken´s passion for making women look and feel beautiful fueled the Beauty by Ken Paves line of nutrient-rich skincare, paraben-free Healthy Hair haircare collection, and professional-quality makeup brushes. Beauty by Ken Paves skincare utilizes the nutrient-rich mud of the Dead Sea and the antioxidant-rich Goji Berry and Apricot Kernel Oil to create a line of unique and effective products using the purest botanicals. This innovative skincare line uses only the finest ingredients to deliver targeted results to different skin types. Beauty by Ken Paves Healthy Hair™ line is made of natural, salon-inspired ingredients. Every haircare product in Ken´s line is paraben-free, creating healthy, gorgeous hair from the inside-out. His revolutionary BoostUp Color Drops is a product that deserves the spotlight. This “cosmetics” for hair product boosts your hair color, amplifying your existing hair color to a brilliant and vibrant shine! In the midst of such achievements, Ken still maintains selflessly passionate and dedicated to his craft, always hoping to inspire and be inspired. "I believe that my work has only been recognized because it was my goal to make each woman who sat before me truly feel unique and beautiful as herself and that showed! Every woman along the way of this amazing journey has inspired me to see beauty with no cannot be bought or applied. It can only be recognized." — Ken Paves