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Engineered in Italy, Kayland’s passion for mountains and the great outdoors comes to life in their high performance footwear. Whatever type of outdoor shoe you may need, whether it may be for mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, trail running, or all-around mountain use, Kayland has got your feet covered. With the Dolomites as their home testing ground, Kayland is focused on providing performance footwear with an ergonomic fit. Each shoe is crafted utilizing materials and technologies specifically chosen to deliver optimal performance and comfort, with the idea of conforming the shoe to each individual foot, not the other way around. Kayland is committed to making your outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible; whatever your needs, no matter what your aims, whatever your chosen environment, they aim to provide the best equipment to enable you to perform at your best. The development of each and every Kayland boot, takes place in the hands of their field experts resulting in shoes that offer maximum support, whatever the environment may be.