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Joelle Hawkens by Treesje

From the sets of top television shows, to the tents of fashion shows, in the elite pages of fashion magazines and on A-list celebrities that grace countless covers of popular publications, Treesje(tm) is an accessory line synonymous with modern luxury that brings refinement and sophistication to the contemporary accessories market. California based creators Sheila Nazarian and Laura Darrah have seamlessly infused California cool with New York chic season after season since the brand’s launch in 2005. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, the designers were inspired to launch Joelle Hawkens to further strengthen a brand that hits all the right notes, producing quality luxury goods at a more accessible price point ($150.00 to $350.00). As the offspring of Treesje, Joelle Hawkens, named after the designers’ daughter and son, is designed for the modern girl who has a keen sense of self and of fashion. Joelle Hawkens challenges boundaries with innovations in hardware, form and shape that transcend fads to become timeless classics. The use of rich and supple leathers mixed with the trademark hardware makes it a collection of must-have modern classics that will be coveted for every girl’s wardrobe.