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J.C. Rags

The J.C. Rags™ aesthetic is best symbolized by the four dots the brand uses as their signature. In Morse code, the “Dot_Dot…Dot_Dot" code is used to attract attention to relay a message. Straight-forward communication is the key to the J.C. Rags look, and these four dots signal the start of a style transmission. Born in Amsterdam in 1994, J.C. Rags quickly became one of the Netherlands' leading menswear labels. The brand’s founders took inspiration from numerous exploratory trips to the capitals of the world, and built the collect from a blueprint of stylish basics to a menswear brand with an international reputation. The brand’s denim and classic chinos are the fashionable man’s wardrobe staple, and he can round out his look with tailored blazers, vintage-inspired jackets, and fashion-forward cardigans in on-trend colors and cuts. J.C. Rags is the refreshingly uncomplicated solution to denim-related style.