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I Adorn U

Motivated by her environment and inspired by the naturalist beauty of the desert landscape in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, Mary Beth Heishman founded I Adorn U, a line of jewelry reflecting her vision of mid-century themes juxtaposed with modern character. A celebrated artist whose works have been featured in numerous exhibits all across the United States, Heishman's jewelry commands attention and inspires conversation through the unique personality each well-crafted piece offers. Imagine the crackle and hiss of a turntable needle as it drops on a classic record, or unearthing a box full of vintage instant photos. Beyond the music and memories are the artistic details that may escape the casual recollection but are no less valuable or important. I Adorn U translates that nostalgia and personal sentiment into highly functional necklaces, bracelets and earrings for the ladies and fabulously inventive tie bars for men. Each and every piece of jewelry from I Adorn U is heartfelt and full of charisma, ensuring it to be something the wearer will be proud to adorn.