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They say you can't combine sexiness with modest sophistication, but Paula Hermanny disagrees. Hermanny swimwear is designed with a fashion-forward customer in mind. The Hermanny customer favors timeless styles and a more conservative cut, but will not settle for boring or the same old thing. Hermanny swimwear blends both beauty and function into something new and glamorous. Paula's eye for style was influenced by her childhood in Brazil and her current home in La Jolla, California. Hermanny swimwear is designed for contemporary women. Paula calls the design of Hermanny swimwear "sexy-sophisticated." Besides new twists on timeless styles, Hermanny swimwear also features stylish hardware and accents. Hermanny swimwear is designed to accentuate and flatter. The colors of Hermanny bring to mind sun-soaked beaches and lush tropical vistas. A modern woman needs a modern look, and Hermanny delivers. Paula Hermanny has transformed the humble swimsuit into a fashion statement that offers timeless, classic appeal. Step fearlessly into the shoes of the world traveler with Hermanny swimwear. From the beaches of Brazil to the California shore, Hermanny provides glorious style that never gets stale. Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy.