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G.I.A. Luxe

G.I.A. Luxe is a handbag line created for the gorgeous, intelligent and ambitious woman. She’s bold, sassy, and definitely knows what she wants in life. She lives in the moment and always seems to be the center of attention. She is strong, beautiful and uncompromising. The G.I.A. Luxe woman is in every woman. From the older, wiser lady who’s set in her ways, to the youthful bachelorette just starting her career, to the mom/wife who is the ultimate multitasker, to the powerful corporate woman whose confidence does the talking before she ever speaks a word . . . G.I.A. Luxe strives to design handbags to suit every woman’s desire for style and functionality. This contemporary designer handbag line is known for its bold textural palette of exotic leathers mixed with a sophisticated color palette. Founded by British-Indian designer Sheetal Patel, G.I.A. Luxe caters to bold, sassy women everywhere. Their quality handbags are all made in the U.S.A. and offers attainable luxury at its best. Growing up in London, Sheetal watched The Clothes Show every week with her mother. At a young age, she already knew what type of woman she wanted to be: stylish, sassy, sexy, and has her own unique sense of style. Being an entrepreneur ran in her blood. Sheetal’s father moved to the U.S. so he could realize his dream of owning hotels. Subsequently, she takes her father’s ambition and uses it to live out her own dreams. Her road to a fashion career was not so easy. To fulfill her parents’ wishes, she first pursued a career in Pharmacy. She also took a “backup” degree, and by the age of 25, Sheetal had graduated with two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Merchandising and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. Sheetal Patel’s diverse background, having been raised in Europe and lived in the Middle East, is clearly reflected in G.I.A. Luxe. Her use of bold, rich colors is also a direct influence of her Indian heritage. She named G.I.A. Luxe after her five-year-old daughter Gia (who she playfully refers to as “sassy pants”). It is the main mission of G.I.A. Luxe to provide fine quality handbags in bold, engaging designs for all the Gorgeous, Intelligent and Ambitious women out there. is proud to have Sheetal Patel as the newest addition to our Emerging Designer Program.