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Fuel Belt

It was 15 years ago when FuelBelt® first launched and set out to redefine the hydration landscape. They were the first to introduce the multi-bottle belt, low profile handhelds and high performance accessories. From beginning as a small start-up to now, one of the most recognized brands in the endurance channel with over a million customers worldwide, their biggest accomplishment has been staying authentic. Everyone at the FuelBelt(r) headquarters is a runner, triathlete or yogi who has an extremely active lifestyle. Leading the brand and product innovation is Founder and CEO Vinu Malik, a father of 3, who has competed in countless road races, dozens of marathons, and 34 Ironman® races. At the heart of it all, FuelBelt is a company that works hard to make great products and provide excellent service, but also knows that educating others about a healthy lifestyle is their most important job.