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Feetures® believes you deserve a sock specifically designed to maximize your performance. The brand stands behind making quality products and combines cutting-edge innovation with a keen understanding of what makes a great athletic sock. Providing a superior fit, feel and durability is paramount, which is why each product is tested and only those they themselves would wear are produced. Feel the difference when you slip into a Feetures sock, as each contains unique technologies that come together to deliver exceptional performance, fit and feel. Lycra® power bands contour to the individual shape of the foot to deliver an ideal amount of compression so that each sock hugs the foot in a comfortable, supportive way. As a result, Feetures socks stay firmly in place and eliminate movement between the foot and sock that often causes blisters. Perfect Toe™ is a seam-free toe closure that is hand-linked so both the inside and outside surface of the sock are completely smooth to help eliminate irritation and discomfort. Additionally, Feetures uses a combination of the finest natural and synthetic moisture managing fibers to keep feet dry, while also offering a soft next-to-skin feel.