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From its old roots as a family tailoring shop in Nice, France, Façonnable™ has embodied the art of tailoring and skilled workmanship for more than 50 years. The expertise lies in the tradition of taking pleasure in wearing beautiful, high-quality clothing, which will always remain the sign of modern chic. Since its origins, the Façonnable shirt represented the core product of the brand, which throughout time, has evolved to meet modern taste and style. Yet, over the years the collection has expanded its selection, from classic sportswear to tuxedo shirts, and has approached the world of sports with the “International" or “Jeans” line characterized by the use of washed fabrics. The finest exclusive Italian cottons, shiny mother of pearl buttons, and the strongest seams ultimately result in a luxurious feel and incomparable comfort. Façonnable combines a distinctive sense of design with the most opulent materials, creating a fine blend of modern yet timeless collections and bringing a luxurious aesthetic to every aspect of your lifestyle. Façonnable is luxury without the exhibition; refinement is in the smallest details where each line is worked and renewed as a complete collection.