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Essie® has been America's nail salon expert since 1981. Creating covetous nail polish colors, top coats, base coats and nail care products, Essie started the color craze. Throughout the years, Essie has created special colors that have caught everybody's attention. In 1989, Queen Elizabeth's hairdresser sent Essie a letter requesting the shade Ballet Slippers, as it was the only color Her Majesty would wear! Beauty, fashion and fitness magazines alike have praised Essie for having the best nail polish around. Even celebrities and socialites have been caught wearing these luxurious nail polishes from Essie. In 1999, Essie extended the collection by featuring Smoothies Hand and Body Lotions, Naturally Clean, the paraben-free nail care system, and the award-winning "Facial for Hands," Ejuvenate. So whether you're looking for the perfect pink to complement your party dress, a rich and sultry red, or a top coat to make your nails shine brighter than the sun, Essie has that and more!