- интернет-магазин брендов из США в Украине


Founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005, EDUN is a for-profit business with the aim of creating a global fashion brand, making beautiful clothing whilst committing to developing trade with Africa and encouraging others to do the same. EDUN is based on a belief that style should have substance and while it has always sourced globally, as its business grows so does its production and work in Africa. EDUN is based on ‘four respects’: Respect for the people who make the product, respect for the community where it is made, respect for the materials used and respect for the consumer who buys the clothing. Through EDUN’s operations it uses this belief to build long term, sustainable growth opportunities with manufacturers and support community building initiatives in Africa. Since its launch, EDUN has always sourced globally from various countries both in and out of Africa, including Peru, Tunisia, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, and most recently Morocco and China. In 2007, EDUN launched the division, EDUN Live, producing t-shirts which are 100% grown and sewn in Africa. The company actively works to increase trade with Africa and it is aiming to have 40% of its fashion collection produced in Africa by the end of 2013. Wherever EDUN operates, it requires all factories to adhere to legal labor and health and safety regulations, as well as good working conditions. EDUN engages independent auditors to conduct checks every six months to ensure its code of conduct is being met and works with factory owners to recommend improvements. In 2008, together with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Invisible Children, EDUN set up the Conservation Cotton Initiative Uganda (CCIU). It is a farming program that provides funding, training and enterprise support to cotton farmers and their families in Northern Uganda, one of the poorest areas of Uganda which is recovering from 25 years of civil war. CCIU enables EDUN to affect change at the start of the supply chain and EDUN Live primarily uses CCIU cotton. This year EDUN is proud to introduce CCIU cotton into the production of its Kenya Kids Tees and EDUN Basics for its fashion collection. EDUN continually seeks opportunities in Africa to support and provide trade and visibility for local businesses. In 2010, EDUN begun a collaboration with ‘Made’, a jewelery producer working in Nairobi, Kenya, it also works with ‘Sawa Shoes’ in Cameroon and most recently the ‘Crochet Sisters’ in Kenya. In 2009, LVMH bought a 49% stake in EDUN. LVMH provides essential support, investment and infrastructure to help EDUN grow the business into a global fashion brand and support its vision to grow trade in Africa. Currently EDUN is sold globally in leading department and specialty stores. EDUN wants to use its experience as an example to show the viability of trade with Africa and to use its voice to encourage others within the fashion industry to do business with the continent, helping to create long-term commercial and social development.