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After achieving success in film as a writer and director, Gregory Abbou decided to pursue a career in Paris as a fashion marketing director for established brands. In 2001, Abbou relocated to Los Angeles, California to work for Paul Guez, a denim tycoon. After learning the business, Abbou began his own label called Degaine which translates to “someone with style” in French slang. His vision was simple. He strived to create a label with comfort, character and above all, style. The French slang word ‘degaine’ appeared in Paris in the late '80s to define a certain style. Being degaine is to create an attitude that stands out of ordinary fashion. It is the translation of your personality into a dress code that echoes the ebb and flow of today’s trends. Degaine is the pursuit of self-expression, a way of living and a philosophy for “confident people” only.