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Dee Berkley for The Cool People

Humans have been producing and wearing jewelry for a long time—beginning with 100,000-year-old beads made from shells thought to be the oldest known jewelry. Through the centuries, jewelry has been used for a great number of things, including currency, wealth display, symbolism, protection and artistic display. Jewelry has also been used to denote status. For instance, in ancient Rome, only certain ranks could wear rings and later, sumptuary laws dictated who could wear what type of jewelry, again based on rank. Beads are enjoying a particular renaissance in modern jewelry making with the concept of wearable art and the advent of new materials leading to an inexhaustible variety of styles. The Dee Berkley Jewelry for The Cool People pieces are all designed with the modern woman and man in mind. Using natural stones and materials from all over the world, each stunning design got its start from the eclectic, funky jewelry studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Striving to make each piece on trend, each creation will not only make you feel stylish and beautiful, but will also help to make the world a better place one bead at a time. With charity at the forefront of our mission statement at Dee Berkley Jewelry, we teamed up with Zappos to create a line for The Cool People. Take a step into the future, give back to those in need and feel just plain awesome!