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Danielle Nicole

Born and raised in Maryland, handbag designer Danielle DiFerdinando’s passion for design began at a very young age. She always knew she wanted to concentrate on accessories, first designing a line of neckties and then ultimately finding her calling with a focus on handbags. Danielle’s passion carried her through the doors of the Fashion Institute of Technology and later on to Europe to study, where she became transfixed by the design and manufacturing process of major design houses. From there, she aggressively worked her way to apprentice at prestigious companies. At just 18 years old, Danielle was selling her designs to prestigious retailers. During the summer of 2007, a cosmetic buyer asked Danielle to design a line of cosmetic bags. The success of the line was instantaneous, and she was subsequently asked to design a complete leather collection for a prominent department store. Orders from other luxury department and specialty stores soon followed. In 2010, Danielle launched her Danielle Nicole line of faux leather handbags which has seen an impressive amount of success. In summer 2010, Danielle was nominated for Best Handbag Design and Style for the Independent Handbag Awards. Danielle Nicole Handbags are fashion-right, elegant and edgy. The collection represents the latest fashion trends, delivering the right look at the right moment. DN bags are known for providing a fresh twist on classic styling and are designed for women who have a unique sense of fashion. Price points range from $68 to $128 MSRP.