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It all started back in 1992 when Stuart ‘Stu’ Crumpler sat in his grandma’s garage in Ballarat, Australia trying to sew through a truck tarp so he could make a bag that was strong enough to haul a case of beer home on his bike. With the help of a parachute maker in 1993, Stu’s creative desire to make a great bag evolved from its humble beginnings to something much greater.

With a $20 flea market sewing machine and a pattern drawn on a piece of wood in pen affectionately called “Mr. Pattern,” Crumpler bags was born. Soon after, bike couriers came across his bags and began using them for their deliveries as well as offering feedback on what did and didn’t work for them. With the feedback from the couriers and Crumpler’s growing popularity, soon the bags were made from stronger and water-resistant materials with occasional mismatched colors, making it hard to ignore from passersby. It was this update that helped Crumpler grow in popularity and soon have a following.

These days the Crumpler line has significantly expanded beyond cycling (with a case of beer) to include professional camera bags, laptop computer bags, netbook and iPad® sleeves, backpacks, messengers, and even luggage. Despite the evolution in style and use that Crumpler bags have undergone, the simple principles behind ‘Mr. Pattern’ have remained the same—simplicity, a willingness to experiment, a big dose of humor, and a determination to make the best bag they can scissor from a single piece of fabric.

Urban, colorful, durable, and all you. Express who you are with Crumpler.