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Creature™ Skateboards. Part of NHS Inc, Creature Skateboards is an unmistakable brand in the industry. Creature's bold designs feature some the sickest imagery out there, creating skateboards that are sometimes dark and twisted but always dope. Creature completes come fully stocked and ready to ride out of the box. Their boards feature Powerply construction which keeps them ultra lightweight and super durable. Plus, they’re paired up with sturdy Krux™ trucks and smooth OJ™ wheels for a smooth ride that can easily unleash a few tricks. Repped by the likes of Darren Navarette, Al Partanen, Sam Hitz, Stu Graham, Neil Heddings, and David Gravette, the Creature team features a solid mix of old school and new school riders who are making a name for themselves on the concrete every single day. Support your local Creature.