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Case Logic

Case Logic - Organize Your Life There's a reason why Case Logic is one of the most well-known accessory organizers in the world - the company is utterly obsessed with organization. This obsession started in 1984 in Boulder, Colorado when the company was founded. With only two audio cassette storage cases, Case Logic created the market of component storage. This market was ripe for expansion, and Case Logic has greatly expanded its product line throughout the years. Today, Case Logic offers a wide array of portable and home storage accessories. These accessories store everything from optical media such as CDs and DVDs to laptops and cameras. Case Logic has more recently expanded to the travel industry and now offers backpacks, messenger bags and luggage. These travel products have the same quality components and intuitive design Case Logic is famous for. Now you can carry your larger cameras, notebooks or other valuable peripherals with the peace of mind that your component is safe in a sturdy Case Logic case. Known for innovative design and quality construction, Case Logic cases are the standard for on-the-go electronics enthusiasts. Now more than ever the value of using Case Logic cases is ever more apparent. With all of the expensive, portable electronics available today, a Case Logic case is absolutely essential if you want to properly protect your investments. CD cases, DVD cases, laptop cases, MP3 cases and more - when you choose Case Logic you can be sure you're carrying your electronics in style. Manage your stuff in style. Manage your stuff with Case Logic.