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Makeup made Better, Easier, Smater. In 1996, CARGO founder Hana Zalzal set out to create a professional color cosmetic line that top makeup artists would covet, yet would be easy enough for all women to enjoy. Working with some of the most talented makeup artists in the business, CARGO launched a multitude of award-winning products, never-before-seen packaging, and groundbreaking formulas. It wasn't long before CARGO became the one to watch and garnered recognition from around the globe as the most creative and innovative brand on the beauty scene today. Product innovations such as the Reverse Lip Liner, the Essential Eye Palette, and the blu_ray High Definition collection are perfect examples of how the brand makes it easy to get professional results. That's why CARGO products have become staples in beauty kits everywhere — and star in some of Hollywood's most prestigious goody bags from the Oscars to the Emmys to the Golden Globes. CARGO is celebrated as one of the best professional brands in the biz and is the go-to brand on top Hollywood sets. It's all about creating modern tools for the timeless art of self-expression.