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Back in 1989, a few friends got together and started the Boxfresh® revolution selling customized tees on London markets. In retrospect, it’s hard to believe everything they've accomplished in just over 20 years. The company was founded at a time when dance music and hip-hop ruled the UK airwaves, which in turn heavily influenced the birth of British streetwear. Music, art and street culture are the backbone in everything they do because Boxfresh® is a brand that celebrates life to the fullest. Boxfresh® clothing consists of a variety of classic tonal, street-friendly hues mixed with brighter, bolder summery pops; cheerful checks paired with more traditional stone, slate and gunmetal colors for a unique style and look. From pants, tees, to hoodies and jackets, Boxfresh® doesn’t miss an opportunity to proudly show off their British street heritage. In classic Boxfresh® tradition, the men’s footwear line reinforces their playful nature with the use of vibrant colors in new, lightweight materials. The color palette’s design inspiration comes from a wide variety of places, eras and global streetwear trends: neon Tokyo in the ‘80s, the British corduroy craze in the ‘70s and the classic denim look of the NYC. Boxfresh® - in the right place, at the right time since ’89!