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Chances are if you have ever had a facial, you have experienced Bioelements® Since 1991, skincare specialists have been using their highly individualized formulas to treat skin, target completion concerns and discourage premature skin aging. And, unlike ordinary skin care, each Bioelements product is a professionally created treatment designed to make a major difference in the appearance of your skin. Unlike other lines that were created around the name of a doctor or built on "gimmicks", Bioelements is the true creation of an esthetician - Barbara Salomone. One of the first-ever licensed estheticians in the United States, Salomone knows professional skin care inside and out. Her goal was to design a line of products and treatments that would transform the way professionals treat the skin. Salomone assembled a team of cosmetic chemists, expert estheticians and high-tech ingredient-seekers, to ensure every product contains the most effective ingredients available. Bioelement products make up a complete system of skin care that's designed for professionals, and created specifically for use in the treatment room. So the products you use to maintain your skin at home are highly active, professional formulas that target your complexion concerns and discourage skin aging. The scientifically-advanced take- home products are formulated with the most potent organic botanical extracts, pure essential oils and advanced cosmeceutical ingredients available. And just like a professional treatment, Bioelements at-home products will coax your skin into shape, not assault it. So you get professional results right in your own home. Bioelements seeks out the most effective, potent ingredients available. Sometimes they come straight from nature, and sometimes they are born from pure science. Either way, Bioelements does not restrict the formulas to one spectrum of ingredient sources. Each formula is developed and bioengineered for optimum performance. The Bioelements approach is integrated, responsible, and utilizes the best that scientific research can deliver. Every ingredient must meets the highest of standards, from organic botanicals and powerful antioxidant vitamins to lab-engineered probiotic actives and time-released retinol. And Bioelements only chooses ingredients that get the job done, each one is scientifically chosen to deliver results above all else. In turn, there are some ingredients that will never be used, like artificial dyes or perfumes. Some say you can identify a Bioelements product without even looking at it, because its fragrance comes purely from nature and nowhere else. It's a one-of-a-kind harmony of natural aromatheraipst oils that transcends the entire Bioelements line.